Jae Gu Song.Jae Gu is defined as being good looking by many people regarding ladies regarding story.

Jae Gu Song.Jae Gu is defined as being good looking by many people regarding ladies regarding story.

Jae Gu ‘s the men protagonist of the collection. He could be currently a primary season scholar and earliest male student to enroll on the Wilds Highest just after they changed of are a girls-merely place in order to an excellent co-ed business. He is already competed in boxing by Moon Younger Lee.


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Jae Gu enjoys short brownish tinted pink tresses, with a dirty edge that’s extended around however, shorter on the sides and a great cowlick on top off his head. They have large gray eyes and you can fair facial skin.

Initial Jae Gu seems slim and you will less than his girls relatives, however this is because of his crappy present just before him getting coached of the female. When he moves on by way of his knowledge, he looks high with his human body will get nicely toned.

Jae Gu means being good looking by many out of females in the story and that’s the object of numerous out of his friends hearts and you may wishes. Even though he himself is unaware of his looks, its noted by many people of female protagonists that Jae Gu is so handsome.

They are along with seen using his teal elephant undergarments. It looks like they are the only real of those the guy owns. All the female see them very adorable.For the scenes when he is actually nude they are seen wear nipple recording.


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At the beginning of the latest collection, Jae Gu is actually portrayed as a student who want to get from the within his educational training without any dilemmas. He takes into dating cambodian girls account himself as worst during the recreations and you may assaulting, and you will regards themselves due to the fact weakened and you will unable to create many things.

Jae Gu could be portrayed given that comically horrified of the tips of these around your, fundamentally leading to him to full cover up or prevent towards the better of his results the newest drama that include being in Insanes Highest. Their lack of believe and you may shortage of chance evaluate inside a good humorous fashion having him becoming idiolised of the Dal Dal Choi, Moonlight Young Lee and you may Queen. Even with his decreased count on, Jae Gu is shown to has higher prospective just like the an excellent fighter, being considered to be with an ideal physique and mindset to help you to own assaulting.

Even if he or she is the only real men in the college or university, Jae Gu will stuff to as the topic regarding attract contained in this their college. Looking to avoid conflict if you’re able to, the guy stops playing one communities about college or university. Not being able to fight whenever are punched or focused by the anyone else, although not shortly after he’s encountered and you may humiliated of the their secondary school bully, their want to cover their friends grows then and he starts to invest his time and energy to learning to battle off his family relations.

Jae Gu at the start of the collection have a worry and you will hatred for the lady hence comes from his mom leaving your and his awesome siblings many years ahead of the most recent situations. The guy phone calls King a monster when she need to have him so you can get the fresh gold coins he’d offered this lady more a miscommunication and you can takes into account lots of the girls regarding the college because the fearsome distrusting them. When he gets loved ones having Queen, Dal Dal and you may Moon More youthful his distrust of women dissolves, but not his mistrust and you may disgust over their mothers procedures still are still good.

Its found that when Jae Gu is actually impact unfortunate otherwise alone you to definitely viewpoint away from his dad and you may thoughts away from angling build him feel great, demonstrating you to his father had an influential character in the upbringing away from Jae Gu in advance of their death.


Jae Gu angling along with his later dad.

When Jae Gu was more youthful and you may until the beginning out of their siblings the guy went fishing along with his father and you may are will purchased ice cream. His father have a tendency to expected Jae Gu regarding their fantasies and you can wants and told your you to definitely without aspirations one has absolutely nothing to real time to possess, and may would short desires for themselves meet up with.

A little while following beginning regarding his siblings, Jae Gus dad died off an unidentified problems, devastating each other Jae Gu and his awesome mother. His mother incapable of manage the increased loss of the lady spouse as well as the management of around three children kept the girl youngsters behind just leaving an enthusiastic apology letter. Jae Gu is remaining as the only real protector out-of his siblings, taking on all aspects of being a guardian and therefore involved providing a member-go out work to cover their nearest and dearests living expenses.

Jae Gu becoming bullied by the Kim Han Gyul inside the secondary school.

Jae Gu when entering middle school are bullied from the Kim Han Gyul exactly who nicknamed him Servant Song punching him, kicking him and and also make him eliminate their pants to humiliate Jae Gu and this broke the newest heart and you may rely on of son.

After completing middle school he was approached by the Charles Wilds whom considering him a complete scholarship when the he went to Wilds Higher; this he joined the college for the a bid to acquire a genuine education and future to own their sisters.

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